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How to get an attractive YouTube channel, that makes you make a profit.


The Best Way To Get Fast Twitter Followers








What is web traffic, how it works and how SMMJOIN can help you generate it.




What is Facebook, how does it work and how to make this social network a marketing tool with the help of SMMJoin Panel.


What is the star service of the social media panel SMMJOIN Panel and why?






Why is a SMM panel an effective instrument to make your Business grow?

We are in a digital era where Social Networks are constantly growing  and so much people give them a personal or professional use (focused on their business).

For this reason, digital platforms have become one of the best ways for people or companies to make themselves known and promote their products or services , in fact, there is no known brand that doesn't use these platforms to promote itself due to the high traffic of people that there is in them and the continuous growth that they have.

This is where Social Media Panels play an important role since the use of a good panel can offer you numerous benefits in your social networks (as a way of promotion).

And in this first Blog I will list some of them:

1. Great traffic generation.

The main benefit that an SMM panel offers is that it can help people and companies to generate traffic on all social platforms, such as followers on instagram or views on youtube, making the platform profile more attractive to people and therefore it can be useful to attract many people when it comes to potentially better publicizing the service or product they offer.

2. Obtaining Quality Services at Affordable Prices.

Many panels, including ours, offer high quality services at low prices, so you can buy Social Media Marketing Services without spending a lot of money, to make sure your business gets a lot of traffic and thus acquiring  better conversion rates.

3. Support for any questions or problems.

Panels that work well offer almost instant help for any questions or problems that occur with the service that the customer wants to purchase. Thus, customers avoid stress if they don't  understand the procedure or the characteristics of the service. Our panel has support both on Whatsapp and on the same website throughout the day to help customers.

4. Virtually Instant Services.

Due to the characteristics of the operation of the panels, where the quality panels are well organized and automated, the services are offered automatically and almost instantaneously (depending on the sector). With this, interested persons will acquire the services quickly and safely.

5. Wide Variety of Services.

One of the great advantages of Social Media Panels that work properly is that they offer a large number of services for all Digital Platforms. Therefore you can choose the service that suits you best according to the needs of your business. In addition, the Panels usually offer Services of different quality and condition so that customers can choose the one that best suits their needs.

6. Different payment methods that offers security.

The SMM panels that offer an encrypted page, ensure security in the Payment Methods they offer so that no company can have problems when paying, they also offer different forms of payment so that customers have options when choosing the payment method that suits them best.

7. Globalization of Panels.

It does not matter which country you come from, since a good panel offers Services all over the world, adapting to the needs of users in each country due to the diversity of the Services offered.

Advantages of using  SMMJOIN Panel.

Since in the previous Blog I talked about the benefits that any business can obtain when using an SMM Panel, in this new blog I will talk about the benefits that companies and business can obtain by acquiring the services that we offer in our panel, SMMJOIN.

If you already researched the world of Social Media Panels, you already know that there are thousands of them, but it is difficult to find those that offer Quality Services with good customer service, at Reasonable Prices.

That´s why I am writing this Blog, to let you know why our Panel is special among the many that already exist.

One of the principles that we try to maintain in our panel is to offer Quality Services with a purchase guarantee. Perhaps there are somewhat cheaper panels, but the services they offer are not absolutely guaranteed to work and they don´t offer such information in the services.

We offer also a large selection of services of different categories and for different Social Networks, varied and of different quality.

In our great variety of services we have from Followers of different categories (countries, quality, performance) for all the different social networks, , to likes, views comments...etc, going through more than 1000 services in different categories, adding from time to time a new ones.

What we are also very proud to offer, is clarity and transparency in our Services.

That means that all our services offer a more or less detailed explanation of how it works and what the guarantee is like. We guarantee that if the service doesn´t work in the way it was written, we will refund the money in the balance or we will try to fix it, and whenever there is something that our clients don´t understand, they can consult our amazing support team, who will always happy to assist them.

Our Technical Support team is always available to our customers 24/7 whenever they have a question or problem.

Don´t hesitate to consult with us via Whatsapp, Web or Gmail any questions that may arise. And of course, don´t hesitate to contact us if you have any problems with the services We offer. We will always be happy to welcome you.

Last but not least, We will always try to offer the best prices of the market, given the quality of the service. There will also be special offers every month and for loyal customers.

We want satisfied customers in terms of the quality/ price ratio of our services.


Is an SMM panel the best way to make your business more profitable?

THE SMM panel are social media marketing providers that gives you social media marketing and SEO service at affordable prices. It's very useful such as those people want to maximize their businesses..

SMM panel can be crucial for businesses and companies that use social medias such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook to promocionate themselves and make them know.

Actually, It's a way of marketing to gain your target audience. That means you will get social media marketing services at a very cheap rate.  SMM panels will give you traffic from different platforms for your website.

The SMM Panel can also promote your business with less time so that the marketing period can be minimized because there is already software designed for SEO so that websites can occupy the top search engine rankings.

Every content that you share on  your social media plataform can be an indirect business opportunity. This can be identified by using the SMM panel. SMM panels can help you recognize these business opportunities at affordable prices because through click-through rates.

As an example we going to talk about Instagram because more than 1 billion people use Instagram monthly, which it means that Instagram could be a potential tool to make grow your business. So promoting your product or service on Instagram can offer you a very large range of potential customers if you know how to use it effectively.

For this to happen and to attract the attention of potential clients, you need an attractive Instagram account, with content that is of interest to the market you want to enter and in which your posts attract the attention of this market.

To do this, you have to have a high number of followers who see your content and a post with many likes, reactions, comments, etc... This is where an SMM panel can be an effective tool to achieve this.

Today, people want a human connection. They don’t want a faceless company directing them to buy products. They want companies to establish relationships with potential customers. It is, therefore, necessary to have a successful page on Instagram.  So, a business that has an Instagram profile followed by millions of people, will obviously be able to convert visitors into customers.

We going to  suppose that the business that use  wants to sell something. How can people know about their existence if they don’t get enough exposure on Instagram ?  They will have already enough competitors there. It is at this moment where an SMM panel will help you. With SMM panels, you get more likes, more views, more comments or more followers. As a result, the business profile is more likely to be suggested by the algorithm. Every new Instagram profile needs SMM Panel to get success in quick follower addition.

It’s basic psychology. We are attracted to what draws attention and where other people are attracted. A profile with many followers generates expectation and attraction since having so many followers people assume that they have something special and tend to follow suit.

People are not likely to follow the profile that has 50 or 60 followers. They are more likely to follow those profiles that already have thousands of followers. It’s a kind of validation. Now, if you are just starting, naturally you won’t have this amount of followers

SMM Panel can solve this problem. Buying Instagram followers wholesale with SMM panels can be a great investment in your initial Instagram journey. When people see that your account has a lot of movement, that your profile has many followers and that you have various likes and reactions, you will attract the attention of people who can become potential clients.


How to get an attractive YouTube channel, that makes you make a profit.

Previously we have already talked about the importance of Social Networks and how they can help you promote a service or product that you want to sell. We've also talked about how Social Media Panels can help make Social Network profiles attractive and win the attention of potential customers.

We briefly explained how Instagram was an effective tool to promote yourself and gain viewers due to the number of people who use it, and the amount of content it has and how an SMM panel could make your Instagram profile attractive to the customers you want to generate, using the great variety of services that they offer you.

Today we are going to focus on YouTube, explaining what this platform is, how it can be used to increase or create a business and how an SMM panel can help you make your YouTube channel attractive and generate enough movement to make money.

YouTube is a social network that allows you to host and share videos that have been created by users. YouTube has a large number of participants and a very extensive amount of information and daily visits, in fact it is one of the most used social platforms focused on videos in the world in the last 20 years.

With more than 2 billion users worldwide, YouTube is the second largest social network in existence. Therefore, it does not matter if you are an e-commerce entrepreneur who wants to learn how to make a YouTube channel and earn extra money through online sales or a person who wants to make money through the YouTube content  you  create. YouTube is a very powerful tool that can make you generate a lot of money.

The easiest way to earn money on YouTube is through the content you create on your channel (although there are various ways such as through  paid advertising, premium subscription...etc.) but to start to win in this way you have to be in the YouTube Partners Program. Only when your YouTube channel reaches 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 public watch hours can it be reviewed to join the YouTube  partner program.

This is where Social Media Panels with their wide variety of services and low price come to help you achieve that goal.

SMM panels that offer efective services, should offer a wide variety of services for the YouTube platform.                    

SMMJOIN Panel offers from views, to subscribers, comments, views on watch time, views on live .... of different quality and for different countries (offering YouTube services for all countries), helping companies and content creators to reach the number of subscribers and views necessary for YouTube to accept you in its program and start generating money from this platform.

The YouTube services of our  SMM Panel are clear, low-priced and of excellent quality, so that our clients can enjoy the advantages generated by these services and thus help them reach the number of subscribers and views they want to meet their objective on YouTube.


How to use a Social Media Panel easily and effectively.

So far in our blog we have talked about all the benefits offered by Social Media Panels in the different Social Networks for business and users and we will continue talking about it, since the benefits are many.

But in this article we are going to explain to our users how they can use our SMM Panel quickly and effectively, since it is important that our users know how they can use the services we offer. We will also explain the conditions of our services and how to use them without confusion so that they work without causing any problems or confusion to our clients. We will explain step by step, all the steps that must be followed to obtain our services and enjoy its benefits.

1. The first step to take in order to enjoy our services is to become a user of our SMM Panel, which is the SMMJOIN Panel. It is a very simple step. All you have to do is enter the page and once you are there on the main page, what you have to do is look at the menu on the back and right and click on Sign Up.

Once you are inside Sign Up, you have to fill in a series of simple and important information to be able to join our  SMM Panel.

Once there you will have to fill in information with your name and surnames, choose a username, choose an email that you use and that is your own and choose a password for your user. Filling in this simple information that can be done in 1 minute, you are already part of SMMJOIN Panel and you are already an official user in it.

With this already you begin to be part of our panel and you can start enjoying the benefits that our services offer. 

To be able to acquire these, you have to add an amount of money to your Balance in order to be able to buy our Services, this is the next step that is very relevant in the process.

2.  Once inside SMMJOIN Panel with your user, you have to go to the main menu that is on the back of the right and click on Add Funds to add funds to your Balance.

When you are inside the Add Funds part, you will see two grids in which in one of them you can choose the Payment Method and in the other that you can read Amount,  you can choose the amount of money you want to add to your balance (10$ is the minimum) .

In the Payment Methods part, you can choose between different and a large number of payment methods.

Among them you can choose between Paypal, Mollie (to pay with credit and debit cards), Coinbase, Coinpayment and Cryptocurrency (to pay with Bitcoin), Payeer, Skrill and Perfect Money.  Having a wide variety of methods so that all our users from different countries have a payment option in their hands.

3. Once you have added funds to your Balance, the next and most important step is to choose the Service you want to purchase.

To do this you have to go back to the menu and click on New order, there you will be able to see the large number of services we offer and the amount you want to obtain from that service. A very important advice that we give to our clients is that before choosing the service they wish to acquire, read in the Description of the Service, how it works and if it has a guarantee or not to avoid future confusion.

Once you have read the characteristics and chosen the desired service, you will see a series of grids;  In the first you will see the Description of the Service (which we strongly advise you to read carefully). In the next grid you will see Link above, in it you have to paste the link of the profile or the content where you want the service to occur; For example, if they are Instagram followers, you have to paste the link of the profile where you want the increase in followers to take place.

In the following grid you will see above that it put Quantity, there you have to put the amount you want to acquire from the service; Continuing with the previous example, if you want 1000 followers on Instagram, you will have to put 1000 in quantity.

The Charge is located in the last grid, there once you have chosen the service and the amount, you will be able to see how much money will be charged from your balance and it will automatically be removed from your balance for the use of this service. Once all the grids are filled in, you just have to click on Submit and your service will automatically start to take place.

And with this you can start enjoying our Services, they are very clear and simple steps to start benefiting from the benefits we offer.

Now that the steps to follow in order to enjoy our services have been explained. I am going to explain some very relevant instructions when using our services and that we consider important for our clients to know and that they are found at the bottom of the main page of SMMJOIN Panel:

1.  Try to avoid more than 1 order for the same link at the same time please it may go wrong because of the count system.

2.  Instagram and Youtube profile has to be on PUBLIC when you order a service. When order is finished it can be on private again.

3.  Please always read good the description of the service about drop/no-drop/delivery speed, fast services... etc.

The difference between HQ (High-Quality) and LQ (Low-Quality) is the drop after time.

- With LQ services you will have more chance of a drop after time and in most cases LQ services doesn't support a  refill button.

- With HQ services the the drop will be mostly very low and there will be a option to refill it when it drops.

SMMJOIN recommend our clients that think in longterm to use HQ services, what will be more usefull in the long run to make clients happy about the SMM services.


The Best Way To Get Fast Twitter Followers

We already talked about all the benefits that the Social Networks can provide to your business if you use it in a effective way. We talked about how a SMM Panel can help you to make your Social Network Media account more attractive and thus attract people to be part of it, thus promoting and selling your product or service. We got a little into the world of Instagram and YouTube and we could see how to make them a great opportunity for your business with the help of a Social Media Panel.

Now it's time to talk about another great platform like Twitter.

Twitter is a powerful tool for today's businesses when used appropriately. It can help to get the leads, solidify branding, and form connections with the clients if the problem arises, so you need to have Followers, to experience all the advantages attached to it.

Currently Twitter collects great value for companies. Taking into account that 40% of the companies in the market affirm that they have increased their sales thanks to the potential clients they have obtained on the Twitter Platform.

Presently, there are more than 1.2 billion accounts on Twitter, with 325 million worldwide monthly active accounts and 500 million or more Tweets are posted on daily basis.

One of the great advantages of Twitter is that it is of great help in improving communication with users. In fact, many companies use it as an additional channel for customer service and thus quickly and effectively resolve any questions or problems that customers have.

On the other hand, it also allows businesses to know what they say about their company, in order to better understand the audience of the company. With all the information collected It will be possible to improve the company's strategy and even optimize the products and services to offer products that are adapted to the needs of the customers.

In addition, there is also the opportunity to use the Social Network to publicize new products and services, and to announce new products offered by the company... and add a link to the company's Website to increase your organic traffic.

Finally, another of the great benefits offered by the Twitter Platform is an improvement in the positioning of your website in Google, which is a great advantage for making the company's brand more visible on the web.

But for the company to benefit from it, it has to have an attractive account with numerous Followers and generated movement (Retweets, comments, likes, etc.). Once we have talked about all the benefits that Twitter generates, we are going to talk about how a Social Media Panel and in particular our SMM Panel, SMMJOIN Panel, can help to  professional profiles to generate enough movement to help increase sales in the company.

Effective Social Media Panels  as SMMJOIN Panel can offer all the necessary tools to make a Twitter profile attractive and thus help to get users who can become potential buyers of the products or services that the company offers.

At SMMJOIN we have various services for the Twitter platform such as Followers, Comments, Views on videos, Retweets...etc. In other words, we have all the necessary services to help the company grow on the Twitter platform and thereby be able to publicize its products, sell them, improve them... generating the necessary movement to generate profits.

The advantages of using our Panel, SMMJOIN  Panel, is that we have a wide variety of services that work effectively, that all of them have a detailed description of how they work, that we have a support platform to help our customers always that they have a doubt or a problem and that in addition to all this we have the best prices in the market.

Once we have clarified all the advantages that Twitter can offer to companies and how a Social Media Panel can help you achieve this, we can only invite you to join us and benefit from all the tools we have.


What is TikTok and how to benefit from it.

Hello again in this new blog that we do with the objective of learn a bit about Social Networks and how to use a Social Media Panel to get the maximum benefit from them.

We were talking about Social Networks of great importance such as Instagram, Facebook or Twitter and today it is the turn to introduce ourselves with the new and increasingly growing Social Network TikTok.

TikTok is an Asian Social Network that, in its concept, is based on the creation of videos, mostly musical (but there are all kinds) in which users share and react to content and that despite being one of the networks latest Social Media, is getting some amazing results lately. In fact, it has managed to surpass Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Snapchat in number of downloads, confirming itself as one of the strongest and growing Social Networks.

As for how it works, TikTok allows you to create, edit, and upload 1-minute music videos that can be taken as a selfie, with the option of applying various effects and adding a musical background. It also has some Artificial Intelligence features, and includes high quality special effects, filters, and augmented reality features.

All this works in a simple way, and with easy-to-use editing options so that anyone can make fun videos even if they do not have great editing skills. Adding that the application has other functional tools such as the possibility of sending messages, the option to participate in voting, and of course it has a system of followers and followed (it is the topic of the day in Social Networks). Very much in the style of the aforementioned Social Networks, but focused on videos.

This new social network must be taken into account, since it is the most used by generation Z (under 20 years of age) and the one that is generating the most growth, which is why it is considered the social network of the future. Now that we have briefly explained what it is (in the next blog we will go into detail about how it works). It's time to talk about the ways in which you can take benefits of this platform and how an SMM panel can help you achieve it.

There are three main ways to make money on TikTok:

- Get paid by TikTok through its Creators Fund;

- Collaborate with brands to publish sponsored content;

- Sell merchandise through the platform;

But as in all the social networks that we talked about earlier, in TikTok you also need a minimum number of followers and views to start generating profits.

If you want to earn money directly from TikTok, you will need to meet a minimum follower requirement (which normal  is  50.000 or more) and have at least 100,000 video views in the last 30 days.

If you want to start making money on TikTok, it's important to stay on top of how your content is performing.  Data analytics can help you see what's working and if your audience is engaging with your posts. This information could be useful if you want to show brands why they should work with you.

To achieve the goal of being paid directly by TikTok, you need to be part of the Creator Fund, which will pay you based on the views and engagement of your videos.

At this point it has become quite clear that in order to get benefits from this platform, you need a considerable number of followers on your profile, views and interaction on your publications. This is where social media panels can be an easy and effective tool to achieve your goal, without depending on the way you want to earn money via TikTok, since all of them will require a minimum number of followers, views and interactions.

Our social media panel, SMMJOIN panel and anyone with a certain degree of effectiveness in the market, will offer you all the services you need to get benefits through TikTok.

In SMMJOIN panel, we have a wide variety of services in large quantities and with the most competitive prices on the market for TikTok.

We have followers, views, likes, comments, live stream views, shares... etc, that means that  we have all the necessary tools that will help you generate movement in your profile on this platform in order to achieve the proposed benefits. Within all the services that we have for TikTok we have categories that differ in the quality of the service, in its operation, and some of them also by country. 

All the services offered by SMMJOIN panel have a detailed description of how they work and their quality, thus avoiding misunderstandings and in case it does not work as described, we guarantee the resolution of the problem thanks to our fast and effective technical support, all without forgetting that we try to get the lowest and most competitive prices in the market trying not to lose the quality of the services that represents us.

With the services that SMMJOIN panel offers, the person in question can get tools that help him achieve the goal he needs or even to maintain or increase his profit on the TikTok platform, since thanks to these services, you generate more movement in your profile, you get to attract the attention of more people and thus make your profile more attractive.


What are NFTs, how to profit from this market and how SMMJOIN can help in the process.

Hello again in a new blog in which we will get into a very recent, important and rising market, the NFT Market, we will talk about what they are, how they work, how to benefit from it and of course how our SMM Panel can help you in the process.

In previous blogs we have talked about different digital platforms such as Instagram, YouTube...etc, how they work and how to make a profit from them with the help of social media panels, of course using SMMJoin Panel as an example.

Today we will get into the new and complex Bitcoin Market and specifically in the NFT or Non-Fungible Token.

Tokens are units of value that are assigned to a business model, such as cryptocurrencies. And it is that NFTs have a close relationship with cryptocurrencies, at least technologically, although they are opposites, since a Bitcoin is a fungible thing, and an NFT is a non-fungible good, but in essence, they are like the two sides of a technological currency.

I am going to give an example so that it is understood more clearly and simply; We are going to look at Bitcoin cryptocurrencies as a store of value just like diamonds are.

You can sell and buy diamonds and when the demand for diamonds increases, their purchase-sale price increases, thus lowering when the purchase demand decreases. Well, exactly the same thing happens with cryptocurrencies.

However, there are other things made with diamonds that have another value because they are unique in their elaboration, therefore they charge another value than that of a common diamond in the market. Well, just like that unique good made of diamonds, NFTs are unique assets that cannot be modified or exchanged for another that has the same value, since there are no two NFTs that are the same just like that unique work of art although this made of diamonds.

To understand it better, let's think of an NFT as a great work of art, like Da Vinci's La Giaconda. There is only one original painting like this, and it is in the Louvre museum. If someone wanted to have that particular Giaconda painting, they would have to buy it (if it were for sale) or get a copy, in which case, we would not be talking anymore of the original, which is what gives value to the painting. Well, that is exactly what the NFT does, but digitally.

The price is subject to the demand that it has in the market and to what they bid for that digital work of art that is the NFT that the person has at their disposal. So continuing with the same example of works of art, the price of NFTs will be completely influenced by what you bid on it.

Therefore, their price is really what people want to give them, and now that they are at a peak of popularity, we can find that there are people who pay 260,000 euros for the drawing of a rock attached to an NFT.

Now that it has been explained what NFTs are in the market,  Let's talk about how it works;

NFTs work through Blockchain or block chain technology. It is the same technology as cryptocurrencies, which work through a decentralized computer network, with blocks or nodes linked and secured using cryptography. Each block links to a previous block, as well as date and transaction data, and is by design resistant to data modification.

NFTs are assigned a kind of digital certificate of authenticity, a series of metadata that cannot be modified. In these metadata its authenticity is guaranteed, the starting value and all the acquisitions or transactions that have been made are recorded, as well as its author.

This means that if you buy a digital content tokenized with NFT, at all times there will always be proof of the first value it had, and how much you bought it for.

In a usual way, a large majority of tokens usually work based on the rules of Ethereum and its block chain. These use a simple and popular technology that facilitates the sale of tokens, making it easy to sell and buy them, although we must not forget as we said before that we were talking about unique works, therefore, there is no active buying and selling as the one with cryptocurrencies.

Now that we have explained what NFTS are and how they work, we are going to proceed to answer the most important question, if they are not tangible goods and it is not as easy to buy them as there is with Bitcoin, why do people buy them? The answer is very simple, and it is because, being a unique intangible asset, such as works of art, people hope to buy NFTs in order to gain prestige and popularity and thus be able to sell it for a higher price.

The purpose of buying NFTs is therefore to earn money in the future with them, due to the increase in their value.

To achieve that, the NFT has to be an attractive, popular and interesting token for people. This is where an SMM Panel comes in to give you all the necessary tools for it. And of course in our SMMJoin panel, we have all the necessary tools to give your NFT the necessary popularity to increase its value.

In our panel, SMMJoin Panel, we have the tools that a person needs to make their NFT as attractive and popular as possible to increase its value. We offer services of views, token likes, comments, followers in the NFT Market and also in various important platforms such as Instagram and Twitter.

As always in our SMM panel,  SMMJoin panel, we work to offer the best NFT services, taking care of the quality/price ratio of our services, and always offering the best services on the market at the most competitive price. Of course the SMMJoin Panel services offer a detailed description of how they work, what their quality is and what they offer, thus trying to avoid confusion. Finally, I can only say that if you have any questions about the use of these services, or if you have any problems with the use of the services we offer, we have a technical support that is happy to help with any questions or problems.


All the payment methods that we have in SMMJOIN, what are their advantages?

Have a nice weekend everyone in a new blog, This blog will be short since I am going to focus on explaining the payment methods that we have in our SMM Panel,  SMMJoin Panel.

The payment methods available on the web pages are very relevant when it comes to accessing the services or products offered by the web. In the Social Media Panels they are equally or more relevant, since they sell their services all over the world and therefore, they have to offer different payment methods so that anyone can access them.

For people who do not know it, I will briefly explain what payment methods are and how they are used in social media panels.

Payment methods contain important information such as the payment method address, expiration date, and bank routing number. You can also store a token that will be used by the payment gateway to process a payment. Your customers can use payment methods to quickly send payments using the saved method, instead of entering the payment method each time a payment occurs. Payment methods can represent recurring payments or onetime payment.

That is why it is extremely important that the web page, or in this case, the Social Media Panel, has adequate encryption that guarantees the security of the data of the people who proceed to make a payment.  SMMJoin Panel has the most secure encryption method so that the client's data is secured.

Once it is clear how important it is that you ensure that your payment details are in good hands, I am going to introduce the different payment methods that we have in our SMM Panel, SMMJoin Panel.

1. PayPal

Let's start with PayPal. It is a worldwide known and widely used payment method thanks to its ease of access and the security it provides, which is why it is undoubtedly a reference in payment methods.

The security and ease of integration that it has always offered, as well as the fact that it is tremendously widespread, have made PayPal one of the most common methods of payment in digital transactions. It is a medium widely used by those customers who buy online very often and are also very aware of cyber security. It is very versatile and comfortable to manage returns. It is one of the most used payment methods in SMM Join Panel.

2. Mollie : Debit/Credit card Payment, Google Payment.

Now we will proceed to talk about Mollie, it is the method used by our Social Media Panel, SMMJoin Panel, for transactions that occur through credit or debit cards. In today's market, it seems the most reasonable option in terms of the balance of ease of integration, costs, security of the transaction.

3. Bitcoin Payments, Coinbase.

Of  course, we cannot forget the payment methods that we use in our SMM Panel made via Bitcoin, such as Coinbase Commerce. Coinbase Commerce is a processor that allows you to receive digital payments in crypto currencies such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, USD Coin and Ethereum. This gateway belongs to Coinbase cryptocurrency, one of the most recognized companies in the exchange of virtual currencies. The services it offers include international coverage to receive money from anywhere. This processor supports many countries and helps merchants to sell their items all over the world. It is a platform with a simple operation that moves the funds from the wallet of the seller linked to his store to the bank account that is decided.

This processor integrates allows global payments with commission rates and exchange rates below the percentages that usually apply to credit cards. To register on the gateway, you only need an email and phone number.

4. Bitcoin Payments, Cryptocurrency direct.

Cryptocurrency It is the direct method of payment via Bitcoin, At its simplest level, a crypto payment transfers cryptocurrency from one wallet to another. To do this manually, you need the recipient's public address. Using your wallet, you copy the address and send the funds. The only obstacle of this payment method is that all the steps have to be done manually and you have to be very careful in each step you do since the transaction can be irreversible, that's why in SMMJoin Panel we recommend using Coinbase as a direct method cryptocurrency payment.

5. Payeer

We will now proceed to talk about Payeer. Payeer is a PayPal-style payment processor where you can send and receive money in different currencies. It is a Russian wallet that was born in 2010 and is currently widely used since you can receive money without having the account verified. Using Payeer in our Social Media Panel is quite easy as it works very similar to PayPal. Its features include easy navigation on the page, the referral system, currency exchange at a low cost, the withdrawal of profits to your bank account and the possibility of requesting the Payeer card for a very good price.

This payment method has many advantages, especially in social media panels due to:

· Registration is totally free and there is no need to pay any account maintenance

· We can receive and send payments without having the account verified

· You have no restrictions when receiving or sending money

· You can exchange currencies (Bitcoin, Advcash, Visa, Bank Transfer, etc.)

· It has its own exchanger system.

· Allows you to earn money by inviting other people

· It has a Chat where you can interact with other users

· Possibility of requesting the Payeer card for a low cost.

· Wallet with security system through codes and SMS.

· Available in more than 200 countries.

Even so, it has certain disadvantages such as:

· There is no possibility of disputes or claims. Transactions are irreversible.

· High exchange fees compared to other processors.

· It cannot be withdrawn to a bank account.

6. Skrill

Skrill is another of the payment methods that we have in our Social Media Panel, SMMJoin Panel.

Skrill is one of the oldest virtual wallets on the market. 

The advantages offered by this payment method are several, such as:

· You can transfer money using your Smartphone or your computer, without having to leave home and paying less than if you go to the bank

· The shipment could be completed in just a few minutes, depending on the method of payment and receipt

· Send and receive money in 40 currencies

· Skrill is safe, legal and compliant with UK FCA regulations

· The beneficiary of the transfers can receive the money in their bank account, in Skrill or in a mobile payment system

· They offer an account for companies, which you can integrate with your online business transactions

The only disadvantage that we could find with Skrill is that the commissions that it charges for currency exchange is quite high and they also charge you commissions for depositing money in the payment account.

7. Perfect Money

SFinally we will talk about Perfect Money as another of the payment methods that we use in our Social Media Panel, SMMJoin Panel. Perfect Money is a completely free electronic payment processor that you can use as a method to receive earnings from many of the sites you use to earn money. It is a fully trusted processor that has been online since 2007.

The advantages offered by this Perfect Money are several and diverse:

· It allows you to receive, send or withdraw money worldwide, without restrictions. It also allows you to buy and pay for products and services safely.

· It allows you to buy different types of currencies from its platform such as Bitcoins, gold metal, as well as USD and EUR currencies online, being able to receive, manage or save in any of these denominations.

· Perfect Money users can easily convert their funds to other electronic currencies at affordable prices and instantly thanks to its exchange service.

· Users of the Perfect Money system can choose one of the three different types of account memberships that are available: Normal, Premium and Partner.

· Diversity of maximum security measures for funds: SMS verification, code card protection, API blocking, or simple user authentication.

So far we have briefly explained all the payment methods that we have in our Social Media Panel. At SMMJoin Panel we offer all these various payment methods, so that people have different options, of course, all secure, to choose the payment method that suits them best.


What is web traffic, how it works and how SMMJOIN can help you generate it.

Hello in a new SMMJoin blog. We have talked about many topics in the numerous blogs that we have already made, we have explained how the different social networks work and how a social media panel, in our case SMMJOIN Panel, can help to generate profits through this. We have also talked about how social media panels work and what benefits they can offer you if they work effectively like SMMJoin Panel and now we have to delve into a topic of great importance such as web traffic.

When you start an online business, you are looking to generate potential customers and the main input for this is web traffic, which in short means the acquisition of visitors to your website.

In short, web traffic is all the reach, visits and views of a website, page or blog. In other words, it refers to the number of hits that content receives on the Internet.

In another words and better explained , Web traffic is the total amount of data that is sent and received as a result of user activity on a web page. It is something that constitutes a large part of the traffic of the entire internet, although it does not cover all of it, and it is one of the most important points to measure both the influence and the importance and popularity of any website that exists.

It is another of the metrics that are taken into account when performing a web analytics, although it is something that usually focuses more on each page instead of the total computation of the domain to verify the effectiveness and scope of each one. The main factors that determine this indicator are the number of visitors and, above all, the number of pages they visit.

Webb traffic is used to assess the extent to which a page or group of pages have influence in their sector and are known by the public. It is what measures the volume of people who move and interact with the web and, therefore, something that reveals the authority it has and the scope it also has.

How people access and generate traffic to a given site can vary. The most traditional and commonly known way is by searching for information on engines like Google.

But within web traffic there are several types that are important to differentiate by their characteristics.

Ø Organic

Organic web traffic is one in which accesses or visits are generated without the need to invest money in advertising and campaigns. Which means it happens naturally, through people searching the website for the page.

Once search engine optimized (SEO) content is created, web pages appear in search engine results based on users' search intent.

This is where social media panels come in, which can help you generate real organic web traffic, at a very affordable price and with great efficiency like those offered by SMMJoin Panel, in addition all the services that SMMJoin Panel offers organic web traffic are explained in detail for a simple, fast and effective use of them.

Ø Webb traffic by payment.

Another of the existing possibilities is to pay to generate web traffic. This type of traffic occurs with the investment in ads, as in the Google Ads and Facebook Ads platforms.

While organic traffic requires knowledge to produce relevant and optimized content, and time to build a consistent strategy, paid traffic is immediate and guaranteed.

In short, in paid traffic, you invest so that the public reaches your web page — and not the other way around.

Some examples of paid campaigns are:

· Focus on keywords relevant to your business through sponsored links;

· Focus on segmented audiences with sponsored posts on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, for example;

· Banners on other websites.

Although the investment in these campaigns can be high because the web traffic generated on your page depends on the investment you make in the campaigns, for this reason a cheaper and simpler option to generate web traffic is through social media panels.

With a few simple steps and choosing the service that best suits your website through a social media panel, you can generate the necessary web traffic to generate customers and thus profits.

Ø Direct traffic.

Direct traffic happens when someone types the website on their own in the browser, without clicks from any other source. Thus, these users usually already know the brand, the project and/or the business thanks to Brand Awareness.

They are also usually quite qualified leads for conversion, once they show interest and trust in the business.

These hits can be easily tracked in Google Analytics, just like other traffic channels.

Direct traffic is the service that we offer the most in our social media panel, SMMJoin Panel, since it is the form of web traffic that can show the most real interest of users in the web page, since as we said before, it is not produced through a general search in a search engine such as Google, but rather it is done directly from the browser, thus denoting an interest and direct trust in the search web page.

The web traffic services offered in the SMMJoin social media panel are completely real, work efficiently and also have the most competitive price in the market. What only generates advantages to the company that wants to use them, due to the numerous benefits they generate.

Ø Referral

Referral traffic translates the accesses originated through the mention of your page on other websites. What it means is that through another web page, you advertise your web page and every time they enter it through the main page, a referral web traffic will be produced.

Let's explain it with an example, let's imagine that we enter the web page of a cinema and there is a link to a web page of a popcorn brand, every time people click on the popcorn page through the main page of the cinema, a referral web traffic will be produced.

This type of web traffic is also offered in the social media panel, SMMJoin Panel. It would be the Masked website traffic , and it has a guarantee of effectiveness, in addition to the fact that it is accepted by Google analytics and works as if it were completely real referral traffic at a very  cheap price. It is a tool that can generate numerous benefits in the traffic of a web page.

Ø Social

Social traffic comes from social networks. That is, it happens when the links of your pages are shared on Instagram, TikTok,  Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, among other interaction platforms.

This type of traffic reinforces the need to have your business present in social networks, since they are the channels with the greatest power of engagement and content viralization.

In addition, they are an excellent source of qualified leads. This is because if the user follows your business on social networks, it means that they are much more willing and interested in consuming what you offer.

This type of web traffic is also offered in the social media panel, SMMJoin Panel. The services offered in this panel on social web traffic also promise total efficiency at the best market price, guaranteeing its effectiveness and its help to generate more web traffic on the chosen page in order to generate more clients and therefore more profits.


What Discord is, how it works and how SMMJOIN can help you generate more movement on your channel.

Discord is an instant messaging service that works for free and that allows the creation of channels and chat rooms to have conversations with other users, followers of social networks or with people with whom you have some interest in common. It works like the WhatsApp group or like the Zoom or Skype app works, but with more advanced tools.

In Discord you can communicate in a group in writing, through video calls, normal calls, etc... In addition, it allows users to attach files at the same time that they are having a conversation regardless of the route. Screen sharing is also possible while people are interacting, and allows more users to join the chat. It also has the possibility of creating totally private groups.

Currently, this platform is constantly growing and many people take advantage of this to create chat or private servers, with exclusive content that can be monetized.

The different functions that this social platform has are numerous  Since apart from being a chat platform to interact, it has several very effective functions to create servers and share content, and in this blog we are going to list them so that our clients can learn about each one of them.

Creation of servers and new channels.

We have already made it clear that Discord is a chat platform that works through servers, these are rooms where users can interact freely, having conversations, playing games or sharing content.

These servers can work with a general theme (for example, war games) and at the same time be divided into more specific rooms (following the same example, one of the rooms can be about Call of Duty or one of its games). These channels are divided into voice or text channels, depending on how the user wants to communicate within the channel.

The user can create as many channels as he wants. Continuing with the example of a video game-themed Discord server, the server will be able to create a channel for each video game that he wants to share content about it for a group around.

Share the server with friends by invitation.

Once the servers and channels are created on the Discord platform, the user has the possibility to invite anyone they want to join. This can be done in two ways, the first is to add them manually through their username in Discord, and the second is to create a link to the server to be able to share it publicly and that other users can join the server or channel.

Possibility of generating bots through channels.

In each channel created in Discord you can add and configure bots that make the experience more complete in terms of browsing the server.

Discord allows you to integrate any type of bots, which allows for a large number of options. For example, in Discord there are bots so that all users of a channel listen to the same song at the same time, bots that record audio, bots that allow you to control chat conversations, bots that send daily news, even bots specialized in sending certain memes automatically.

Integration with another's applications.

This function is the last but not the least important because thanks to it,  it is the way by which a user can generate profits.

Discord offers the possibility and with an effective and easy way to integrate with other applications such as Twitter, Youtube, Twitch, Facebook, Reddit, Steam... etc.

Having talked about the functions, we are going to finish this blog talking about the forms of monetization that Discord offers and how a social media panel, in this case SMMJoin Panel, can help you generate profits.

Organize competitions

If you run a server with a community of video game fans or gamers, many people make money on Discord by hosting tournaments on a server, the only requirement for entry is to pay a small entry fee.

Become an advertiser

If you have a niche website with high popularity, you are dedicated to creating special content on a certain topic or even you already have a Discord server with a lot of participation, many people use their influence on certain platforms to advertise other users' Discord servers. and earn money in return.

In addition, you can also create alliances with brands and advertise other types of products, services and content media.

Offer affiliate program offers

If you know the world of affiliate marketing and run a community on a Discord server on a specific niche, this can be a good way to promote your affiliate links and earn commissions for each sale.

But for each of these options on Discord you have to have the requirement of having an attractive channel that has a sufficient number of users and generate movement in the channel, since all the options need users to generate profits.

This is where a social media panel comes in to help the person to generate profit, since to facilitate the process and speed it up, the person in question will need tools that cause a great movement on the server in which the person wants to generate benefit.

SMMJoin Panel has all the necessary services to get the person to generate benefits. In SMMJoin Panel, we offer services that offer Discord members of different categories (men, women, mixed server members , members of online servers..etc) of different quality and different duration on the server, In our social media panel , SMMJoin Panel , we also offer friend requests and direct messages for other users to join the server.

As always, all the services we offer in our social media panel, SMMJoin Panel, on Discord, have a detailed description of how they work and the quality of the service, ensuring effectiveness and guarantee of use.

In addition, in our SMMJoin Panel, we have the best quality/price ratio on the market for Discord services, ensuring that you will not find such effective services at such a competitive price in the market for social media panels.


What is Facebook, how does it work and how to make this social network a marketing tool with the help of SMMJoin Panel.

Hello in a new SMMJoin Panel blog. In this new blog we are going to talk about one of the most popular and oldest social networks, such as Facebook.

Since 2004, the Facebook social network was born as an idea of ​​a couple of university students and since then it has not stopped growing until it has a whopping 2.7 billion users, which makes it one of the most important and powerful social networks in the world. today, since despite being one of the longest-lived, it continues to update and grow.

It is the main social network that exists in the world and is the most used virtual network around the world. Used by more than 95% of the countries in the world, it becomes a very powerful social network to connect around the globe.

It could be said that Facebook is a virtual network that works as a point of connectivity for billions of people, where they can share content, have written or called conversations and create groups where they share content of common interests.

It is one of the pioneer social networks in thinking of a virtual way of creating and maintaining social relationships and during the time it has been in force it has changed becoming much more.

Little by little, large companies and brands realized that thanks to the mass connectivity that this social network had, it could be an essential marketing tool to promote the products and services they offered and thus attract new customers.

Taking into account that Facebook is the website that most people access in the world, it was logical that it would not go unnoticed by all the companies that wanted to promote themselves virtually.

That is why it is so important to know Facebook, what can be done with it, and how to use it as a tool to advertise your business.

Therefore, being on Facebook, understanding how it works and the resources it offers is a fundamental step for those who want to expand their business or become known, expand their reach and their digital marketing strategies.

That is why in this SMMJoin Panel blog we are going to talk about how this social network works, what are the utilities that it can bring to everyone and how it is the most effective way to use it as a marketing tool to attract customers to your company. And last but not least, I am going to explain in this blog as a social media panel, in this case SMMJoin Panel can help you make more effective and faster way to benefit from this important social network.

Facebook is divided in a simple way into personal profiles and professional profiles or Fanpages.

The personal profile is normally used by people to interact with other people (via written chat, by video call through the Facebook messenger application), to publish content either their own (photos, memories, videos, thoughts...) or someone else's that you find interesting or funny. Personal profiles typically have friends on their profiles and share content with them as they interact with each other. They are usually private profiles with a limited number of friends, managed by a single user who sends and receives messages and information in an individual and personalized way.

In the personal profile when a user requests to be your friend or follow you, once you accept it, you automatically go on to follow him, and the followers or friends are limited to 5 thousand. That means that once you accept a friend on "Facebook" they will be able to see all the content you offer, send you private messages and react to the content you upload or share, just as you can with them.

In personal profiles, the customization tools are quite limited, you can change your cover and profile photo, upload new content (as long as it complies with Facebook regulations) and create your own avatar.

Personal profiles are not only limited to interacting with their friends, but they can also search and be distracted by content that interests them, follow Fanpages, buy products that interest them or even create ads to sell some type of service or product. Although for this Facebook always recommends a professional profile due to the tools it offers and because it normally reaches a larger number of audiences.

The professional profile, however, works quite differently from the personal profile. These profiles are used for a completely professional purpose, where the users of this profile are followers and have an interest in the content that this profile uploads. 

These profiles are usually public and have an unlimited number of followers or joined users on it. These Facebook profiles are typically managed by multiple people, with each person serving a role on it. They have advanced customization options with more options than those of a personal profile, thus allowing the sending of mass messages. It also has a statistics tool to find out how many new users it has captured, what the percentage of interaction is, and it allows advertising through Facebook ads. It also has special tabs that offer important functions when organizing the marketing of the company or brand profile.

In the professional profile, users who become followers of a Fanpage receive all their publications in the News Feed and can react and interact with them.

On the Fanpage, the number of users or people who follow you is unlimited. In addition, the reach of the posts of a professional profile is much greater. The Fanpage offers tools so you can boost the content you publish through advertising, which produces a greater reach.

One of the great advantages offered by professional profiles is much more advanced customization options. On a Fanpage, you can also create tabs (plug-ins). This means that you can create custom tabs on your profile with your preferred content, for example if what you advertise is sportswear, you can create a tab called "sneakers" and share exclusive content about sneakers there.

Another great Facebook customization tool is in the "Preferred Audience for Page" tab. This tab allows you to define your target audience. Who do you want to reach? What is the average age and gender of your audience? What are your main interests? In the last tab of the settings, you can define these and other alternatives, so that your page appears mainly for people who fit the profile defined by you.

What is the way to attract customers in order to advertise the products or services that the company sells and thus generate profits.

1. Advertisements

The Facebook social network allows the creation of paid ads to attract a specific audience that is most interested in the brand or company.

The campaigns do not have a maximum value and can be readjusted according to the results and demands that appear over time.

2. Use the Fanpage as a Marketing tool.

We have already highlighted that Facebook is the most used social network around the world and it should be noted again that it is the main search network that exists on the web. It is not very difficult to think of this social network as a marketing tool that the company will use to attract customers or new users and thus advertise the services or products that it wishes to sell.

Facebook allows, in addition to a great reach, a great interaction with the public, since people can comment, like or share your updates on the page. Making the user experience calmer and enabling the approximation between the public and the brand. It is also possible to publicize your company and your products, making it possible to boost your sales.

Finally and for this blog the most important thing, it is time to explain how a social media panel and in this case SMMJoin Panel, can help you turn Facebook into a great marketing tool, due to the effective and cheap services that this social media panel offers.

In order for a Fanpage or even a personal profile to be successful when it comes to advertising your business, you have to have a fairly large number of users and a very high level of interaction. 

This is where a social media panel, in our case SMMJoin Panel, can be of great help in the process, because it offers all the services that the Facebook profile needs, these being the most effective and cheapest on the market.

SMMJoin Panel as a social media panel  offers all the necessary services to help a company create a successful professional page or Fanpage.

SMMJoin Panel as a social media panel offers from followers of different quality or profiles and from different countries, to likes, reactions, comments, personalized direct messages, views, share post, video views, event views, monetized views, that is, all the necessary services of Facebook to create the necessary movement in the profile that attracts the attention of customers in order to capture them and be able to advertise the services or products offered by the profile.

All these services offered by SMMJoin Panel are quality services with a guarantee of use where a detailed description of the quality they offer, how they work and how to use them is offered. These services have the best quality/price ratio on the market.

SMMJoin Panel as a social media panel also offers web traffic to improve professional profile statistics and thus have more options to appear to more people on Facebook and in a more specific way.


Which is the star service of the social media panel SMMJOIN Panel and why?

Welcome to another day in a new SMMJoin Panel blog. The social media panel with the most effective services and with the most competitive price in the market.

Today we are going to dedicate this blog, which will be quite short, to talk about the star service of this social media panel, SMMJoin Panel. Of the characteristics of the service, of all the benefits it offers and of the reasons for being the most demanded service in SMMJoin Panel.

SMMJoin Panel offers more than five thousand services as a social media panel. All of them work with incredible effectiveness, in all of them a detailed explanation is given of how they work, what their characteristics are and their quality.

The  social media panel services are also arranged in sections, so that it is quite easy to search for them, each section is divided by social network, (for example, Instagram or YouTube services), by quality, by the role they play in the social network (for example followers on Instagram or views on YouTube) and by country (for example followers of Instagram from the United States).

In addition, SMMJoin Panel services as a social media panel are constantly fighting to have the most competitive prices on the market and thus achieve the best quality/price ratio on the market. Because if SMMJoin Panel differs from other social media panels for one thing, it is because it stands out for always wanting to offer the best quality and the best technical support on the market, that is the main objective of this social media panel above all else. the rest.

Once we have made a summary of why the SMMJoin Panel services as a social media panel are the best, it is time to talk about its star service, which is the purpose of this blog.

The star service of SMMJoin Panel is the Instagram comments. For many reasons it is the best service offered by this social media panel but the main reason is because there is no social media panel that offers this service for such a low price as SMMJoin Panel does.

The other social media panels offer these services (Instagram comments) at prices 20 or 30 times more expensive than what SMMJoin panel offers, with the same features and they do not even offer a guarantee of operation or greater effectiveness in them.

Now I will proceed to explain what they are for and how they work. I will also explain one by one how it works, how long it takes to start doing it, its characteristics and why they are so important as a help tool to promote products or services on Instagram for a company.

Instagram comments are used to put comments on different Instagram posts in a customized way (that is, they are personalized messages where you can put exactly what you want to say in the post you want, each comment can be different and totally personalized, in it you can promote services or products, recommend a page or profile or simply create positive comments on a post in which a service or product is being promoted).

It is even very effective for influencer profiles, to create more movement in the profile and thus get more followers, thus getting the attention of brands or companies that want to associate with the profile to promote their products.

The way to use these services offered by SMMJoin panel as a social media panel is quite simple, but it also depends on what type of Instagram comment you want to use. For this reason, we are now going to differentiate the main ones and explain how it explains one by one and what benefits it can offer you.

We will first explain Custom Instagram Comments. These services in other social media panels have a budget that exceeds several hundred dollars, but SMMJoin Panel offers them for a surprisingly low price of around 16 dollars (some cost even less) for every thousand personalized comments on Instagram.

As I explained before, what they are for, I will now proceed to highlight the main ones and how they work.

One of the most demanded in SMMJoin Panel is the C100 Instagram CUSTOM Comments. Its features are incredible despite the low price and its effectiveness is almost 100%.

We have already mentioned that it is the cheapest Instagram Custom Comment service on the market, but it is necessary to highlight this feature. Its delivery speed, despite the low price, is instantaneous, taking on rare occasions simply because of the high demand for this service in SMMJoin Panel. Once the delivery speed has started, the comment count is done very quickly. 

The comments, as the name of the service indicates, are personalized and the person who uses them can put whatever they want in them (as long as they comply with Instagram legal conditions). The accounts or profiles that make these comments are of high quality, they are not profiles from India or Pakistan and have a photo and followers on their profile, being practically real accounts.

The use of this service is quite simple, you just have to create the comment you want to put (one per line, putting the comments you want). People or profiles can be named in comments using the @ used on Instagram to tag different profiles or posts.

C10 Instagram Custom Comments This custom Instagram comment service offered by SMMJoin panel works in the same way as the previous one, sharing very similar features and the same price. The only thing that differentiates them is that this one is even a bit faster and that in this service you cannot tag or name other products but you can create Hashtags in it using #.

C9 Instagram Comments Custom HQ It works in the same way as the previous two, having an even lower price, being offered for the modest price of  12 dollars, and also working instantly, but in this one you cannot tag profiles or name people and in the same way you cannot hastags can be created on the service.

C9 Instagram CUSTOM Comments 💬 is another great service that SMMJoin Panel offers as a Social Media Panel, and it shares the exact features of C100, the only difference is that it takes a lot longer in its delivery speed (between 1 and 5 hours) so that in this case it is more recommended to use C100, since among all those that exist it is the product that works best, that has higher quality and instantaneous operation and that offers the opportunity to tag people.

 In addition, the minimum order in C100 Custom Comments on Instagram is very low, being able to start with just 10, while in C9, despite the fact that people can be tagged, the minimum order is 50 comments. The other custom comments also have the same effectiveness and speed, being able to have a minimum order of 10 comments, but they do not have the feature of being able to tag profiles or name people.

And with this we have finished this blog in which we have made clear the best and main services of the SMMJoin Panel social media panel, the reasons why they are the best in the market and the main characteristics of each one. That is why I encourage you to use them, since I assure you that they will not disappoint and they are an incredible tool when it comes to promoting yourself, looking for more followers and generating movement on your profile.


The reasons why the DM service offered by SMMJOIN can be a great way to promote your company

Welcome to a new blog of SMMJOIN Panel. For those of you who follow the blog of this social media panel, you will already know that SMMJOIN Panel offers all the appropriate digital marketing tools so that a company can make itself known effectively and thus be able to promote its products or services, but we return to it repeat for all new members to our team!

It should also be noted that the services that SMMJoin Panel offers are the most effective in the market of social media providers, with the most competitive prices in the market and with the best quality/price ratio on the web. We also can't forget about the amazing support team at SMMJoin Panel, which is available to all our users to guide or help them if they have a question or problem.

In this blog we are going to talk about one of the most effectives services for a high promotion on your company that SMMJoin Panel offers. These are the direct messages offered by SMMJoin Panel and are available on all the most popular social networks with the greatest potential for growth on the web.

Before talking about this great service that offers so many advantages, I will first talk about the globalization and digitization of companies and how important it is to have a good digital marketing strategy if you are looking for a real and exponential growth of the company.

We have switched to the digital age quickly and dramatically, changing the way we communicate, entertain ourselves and, of course, shop. Just 10 years ago, everything related to socialization, leisure and shopping was done physically, but in the last ten years, due to the growth of the internet and social networks, everything has become part of a virtual world. , where socializing, shopping or having a distraction occurs mostly using the internet.

For this reason, entrepreneurs have had to carry out their sales strategy in a basically forced way through the web, since people no longer look for services or products physically but through the web, thanks to the facilities and comforts that this entails.

Within the web we also have to highlight social networks, which have had exponential growth in recent years and are used by billions of people daily. Social networks like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or YouTube are essential ways for companies to promote themselves and reach customers exponentially.

This is where the success of enterprises deepens, in knowing how to use that opportunity to make themselves known through social networks and  promote their products or services in an good  way, achieving the necessary movement to attract the attention of potential customers and thus increase their sales.

But attracting customers on social networks is not an easy task and requires a well-studied Marketing strategy. This is where the tools that SMMJoin Panel offers can be of great help to the company when it comes to attracting and retaining customers. And this service that we are going to talk about next is a key strategic marketing service that helps to reach the clients that the company wants and to send them a message promoting the company's services.

This service offered by SMMJoin Panel as a social media provider is the personalized Direct Messages. Now that we have finished explaining why it is so important for a company to have a good digital marketing strategy with good tools such as those provided by our social media provider SMMJoin Panel, we are going to explain what Direct Messages are, how they work and all the benefits. that they can generate.

The Direct Messages are mass messages, that means that  they are messages that are used to send to a big amount number of people, with a minimum number of 1000 messages. The messages are personalized, that means that the company can put whatever it wants to promote itself putting on the message the information that they are interested in transmitting as long as they meet the legal requirements of the social network.

Once the personalized message has been chosen (For example, if you want to promote a profile company  that promotes Bitcoin , the message could be @Bitcoin_Dayli  offers the best tips to invest on Crypto Currency).

Hashtags are also available to use in the message with #. With the objective  to reach a larger number of people.

Once the company has chosen the message it wants to convey and the Hashtags, the enterprise have to choose the profile in which it  want to send these massive messages to the followers of the profile (per example, if it is a Bitcoin profile, you could choose a you can choose a profile of a famous trader or a page of crypto currency, so that the Direct Message is sent automatically in massive way to the number of followers you have chosen).

These Direct Messages from SMMJoin Panel offer a guarantee of arrival, with verification that the messages have been sent successfully. In addition, these services have a clear and concise description of how to use them effectively. In the description you can see step by step how it has to be done so that there is no doubt about the procedure and the clients of SMMJoin Provider have it easy when ordering the service.

Once the use that is given and how the service offered by SMMJoin Panel works as a social media provider has been explained. I will proceed to explain all the benefits that direct messages can offer to a company.

The Direct Messages offered by SMMJoin Panel are an incredibly effective tool for companies when it comes to promoting a service or a profile (for example that of the same company) in a targeted manner. In other words, to a large number of audiences, this audience being a target audience, since you choose the advertiser's profile (For example, if you sell video games, you will promote your products by sending a message to the followers of a gamer, an audience very interested in video games). This makes it effective  to focus the promotion on a specific audience and makes it much easier to centralize the promotion to a specific clients.

But its advantages are not simply focused on the market that the company wishes to attract. But as it is a totally personalized direct message service what SMMJoin Provider offers. The company will be free to choose what it wants to say and how it wants to say it, so that it has complete control when it comes to knowing what message it wants to transmit to potential customers to absorb them and feel attracted by the products or services offered by the company.

It should also be noted that it allows SMMJoin Panel offers Direct Messages that allow the use of Hashtags, which means that if used properly, the company will be able to reach a higher ratio of target audience and its promotion will expand even more.

Finally, and as I never tire of repeating, we must not forget that SMMJoin Provider offers the services with the best quality/price ratios in the SMM Panel market and has a support team that is happy to help whoever needs it with any questions. .

Thanks for reading our blogs and see you very soon with a new interesting topic on SMMJoin Panel.


Instagram Followers: How to use this SMMJOIN service and what promotional benefits it has.

Welcome back to a new SMMJoin Panel blog, the Social Media Panel with the best services on the market. In this blog we are going to talk about one of the most used and most effective services of our Social Media Provider, which are Instagram Followers.

But as always we are going to first make an introduction about the Social network where this service is used, its importance, and how this tool offered by SMMJoin Panel as a Social Media Panel can help you achieve a more attractive profile.

I'm never tired of repeating the importance that Instagram has acquired throughout this last decade in society. Instagram has become one of the most important social networks today  for people as it is a means of entertainment and socialization for a large number of people, as well as for companies and people (Influencers) who use their profile to promote different services and products.

The cause of the importance of this social network is the number of people who use it and the use they give it. With over 2 billion active users and thousands of new posts daily, Instagram has become an essential social network in society.

The reasons why so many people use Instagram as a means of distraction are simple. It has content of interest to any social group, so that each person can get content of interest regardless of the topic. It's a pretty quick and easy way to socialize, you can meet new people, communicate with them, from anywhere with your phone. And last but not least, people can share part of their life through this social network with all the people they want in many possible ways.

With thousands of daily publications it is almost impossible to get bored on this social network. In fact, some people even consider it an addiction due to the hours a person can spend just interacting through this social network. Therefore, the success of this social network is assured.

For the same reasons, it has become a powerful and attractive tool for companies and people with many followers (Influencers) who work selling content and promoting brands.

The causes are obvious, with a large number of consumers of this social network and the many ways to create content, it is an essential tool in digital marketing to promote services or products (regardless of what they are, since there is an audience for practically any type of service or product). This social network is an easy-to-use tool, with a wide range of potential customers, cheap to promote, so it is obviously a tool used by thousands of companies and people as a way of promoting and attracting customers.

But of course the profile of the person or company that wants to use Instagram as a means of attracting customers and promoting products must meet a series of conditions. The first and most important is to have a considerable number of followers (that is, people who follow that profile and who view the content that this profile creates).

Achieving this goal is often not easy. Luckily here is SMMJoin Panel to provide the best digital marketing services in the market and help these profiles to achieve it. In this case we will talk about Instagram followers. It is a dynamic, effective, easy-to-use and cheap service that SMMJoin Provider  offers as a social media panel to help companies or Influencers get the followers they need and thus promote their publications effectively.

Instagram followers are a service that SMMJoin Provider provides to any person or company that needs it as a means of creating a more attractive profile and therefore attracting more followers, thus achieving a wide range of potential customers.

It is a fairly simple service and with little to explain, as its name suggests, what this service that Social Media Panels provide, offers followers in the profile of the person who requests it.

Giving an example, I have created a new clothing store that I sell online and I want to promote it through this social network (Instagram), but I do not have enough followers to make my profile look professional and thus capture viewers who may be interested in the  products I sell.

I don't have to worry about it, luckily there are Social Media Panels that provide what I need. I will start by buying 100k active followers (not just bots without profile picture or posts), for this I have to find a good Social Media Provider that will guarantee me this service.

This is where SMMJoin Panel comes in. With the best Instagram followers service in the social media panel market, it guarantees me effectiveness without drops ( loss of followers) at the best price.

How can this help you attract new followers and potential customers?

Simple, it is based on human psychology.  A profile with many followers and content movement is more attractive to people, since people tend to follow and appreciate a leader, that is, a person who generates influence. A profile with a large number of followers will be seen by people as an influential profile, so people who look at this profile, seeing the influence they have, will want to follow it and be part of its content.

That is the first reason but it is not the only or the most important. Another very important reason to trust this service that SMMJoin Provider offers is that this also affects the Instagram algorithm.

What does this mean?

That when Instagram detects a large increase in followers on your profile and more movement on it, it automatically shows more of your posts in general, reaching a much larger number of viewers and therefore potential customers.

There are many advantages that this service offers when creating an attractive profile, far from the objective you have with it.

But why would you choose the service of SMMJoin Provider and not that of another Social Media Panel?

The reasons are obvious, SMMJoin Panel offers the best Instagram Followers  service with the best price on the market for social media panels. In addition, in the service you have a clear and concise description of its characteristics and how to use it. And finally we cannot forget the wonderful technical support that SMMJoin Provider offers for any questions or problems that the client has.

We are going to finish explaining how to use this service that SMMJoin Provider offers. It is quite simple. After creating your user in SMMJoin Panel and having added money to your balance you have to Sign In and then you go to a new order and look for the Instagram Followers service that best suits what you need.

Once the service is found, it is as simple as putting the Instagram profile in the Link box and the desired amount in the Quantity box and in a matter of minutes you will have the new followers in the desired profile.

The Instagram Followers HQ features that SMMJoin Panel offers are unique and the best in the social media panel market such as:

▫️Start Speed ​​FAST Instantly 0-15 min ⌛

▫️Delivery Speed ​​1000+ a hour +- 🕑

▫️Price/quality good 🥇

▫️HQ profiles with profile picture

▫️Refill guarantee for 30 days ♻️

▫️Drop ratio 0-10% 💧 LOW ✅


Which means that the followers will be on your profile in less than an hour, that the follower profiles are active and realistic profiles, that we offer a refill guarantee if the followers are lost and we guarantee a loss of less than 10%.

With this we have finished the SMMJoin Provider Blog, I hope you liked it and see you in the next blog.